Finding great things to do in Detroit

Find great things to do in Detroit. Many fun activities to find for kids and adult during the weekend all over the Metro area.

Looking for things to do in the city? Whether it's the weekend or the weekday, the D is one city in Michigan where you can find plenty of fun, romantic and even cheap things to do to bide your time. Maybe you're looking for dance clubs or restaurants. You've made your reservations for your flight. You've got your hotel reservations. Now what? What is there to do? From entertainment, to great food and great attractions, your list of things to do in Detroit will not be short. There are things to do in the winter, spring, summer, and fall and on the weekdays and weekends. Most of the things to do can be found in the downtown area, or the museum district, but the Detroit suburbs can offer great entertainment as well.

Spring Things to do in Detroit

Things to do in Detroit Springtime
Eastern Market Image by ellenm

Spring is a great time in the area. The winter is over, and peple are coming outdoors again. Right around April and May is when more outdoor events and activities start being held. Also, the Red Wings are usually in the playoffs and the Tigers will just be starting their baseball season. Heading to Eastern Market is also a good idea to get the new flowers from many of the vendors down there.

Summertime Things to do in Detroit

Things to do in Detroit Summertime
Detroit River Walk Image by Michigan Municipal League

Summertime is my favorite month to do activities and things around the area. The weather is nice (although we can get the ocassional heat wave). Places like Campus Martius, Chene Park, the Public Library, and more, offer many summertime concert. Many of which are free (with the exception of Chene Park). Also, the summer is the primetime for festivals at Hart Plaza during the weekends. There's usually a festival going on every other weekend. Minus the major attractions, it's just nice to go out and relax and enjoy the weather. Also, if you are a golfer, there are plenty of golf courses around the area. Biking is also a great thing to do in the warm weather.

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Fall Things to do in Detroit

Things to do in Detroit Falltime
Fall Image by schmilblick

The fall is also a good time in the D. In the early fall, the weather hasn't gotten terribly cold yet, and there are still outdoor events, concerts, and festivals. There are also some good day trips you can take to apple orchards around the area. One of my favorite things about this time of the year are the sports teams. During this time you have basketball (Pistons), football (Lions, Michigan, MSU), baseball (Tigers), and of course hockey (Red Wings). People do love their sports teams around here so check em out!

Winter Things to do in Detroit

Things to do in Detroit Wintertime
Campus Martius Image by femaletrumpet02

Winter usually keeps everyone indoors, but don't let that stop you from being active and out and about. You can still check out Pistons, Lions, or Red Wings games, head to Great Lakes Crossing, or even see how good you are at ice skating down at Campus Martius. Also, if the winter blues have got you down, checking out the Belle Isle Conservatory. might bring your spirits up. There are also concerts all over the area, and great Michigan Ski Resorts are only a short trip away. They make for nice getaways.

Detroit RestaurantsRestaurants and Dining

After you've seen all the attractions you intended to see, ending the day with a good meal is a must. Or you might be looking for that place to eat for lunch during your active day. Many great restaurants can be found downtown and throughout the main city. Want to know a secret? Dining is one of my favorite things to do in Detroit. Why?? I LOVE FOOD!! :) And with so many choices, I never have a problem choosing where to eat when dining out. If there is a problem, it's choosing between several great restaurants. Click here for more info on dining and restaurants.

Shopping in DetroitShopping

Of course when you come in for a visit, you want to get some souvenirs for your loved ones right? There is plenty of fun shopping to do. Most malls in the area are located just outside of the city (no more than 20 min from downtown) and the downtown Detroit area is slowly but steadily adding new shopping to the area. A weekend trip to some of the outlet malls can be quite fun. However for all your big purchases, I would recommend heading the the malls. Click here for more info on shopping.

Detroit AttractionsAttractions

Attractions such as Belle Isle and Eastern Market are definitely things you must go to. With museums, parks, landmarks, and cultural districts, you will definitely find plenty of things to do. There are so many attractions in Detroit, you won't be able to go to all of them in one day. Click here for more info on attractions.


Many people do not know that Detroit has three casinos. Four if you count the casino resort right across the border in Windsor. I'm not one who gamble but I know many people who find the occasional trip to the casino quite fun. All three casinos have expanded to include hotels and become resorts and convention centers so they can be a good option for a short romantic weekend getaway. Click here for more info on casinos.


Are you into theatrical and musical performances? There are many theatres like the Masonic Temple and the Detroit Music Hall. You're in luck because the area is well known for it's theatre as it has the most theatre seats out of any city second to only New York. Click here for more info on Theatre.

Day Trips

There are many other fun cities and communities surrounding the D that you could visit and enjoy during your visit or head to for a weekend getaway. Find out more about Day Trips.


The downtown and midtown estivals area a great way to enjoy the city and enjoy something you love. Places like Hart Plaza have many festivals on the weekends during the summer which I have always enjoyed and had fun at. They are one of my favorite things to do in Detroit. Find out more about the Festivals.

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