Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum

Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum are landmarks in the Detroit area and when you visit them, it's just like going back in time. It's also a national landmark and going here is like going into a time machine for a day.

I've been here many times and it's always a treat. One of my favorite things about this place is the historical items and replicas. You know being a person of a younger generation, it's pretty amazing to see things from the late 19th century and all throughout the early 20th century almost in mint condition.

Greenfield Village

For starters, Greenfield Village (also the largest outdoor museum in the world) is just one part of the complex. Here it is a literal village just as the name says. You get to walk through the village and see full size replicas of old houses from America's birth as a country to now.

It's as if you were there in that actual time period. I love the many demonstrations that are given such as glass blowing and pottery. You can also see some famous and notable buildings in history such as Thomas Edison's laboratory, Noah Webster's house, and the Wright Brothers bicycle shop.

Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum is the other part of the complex that you must go to. Unlike Greenfield Village, the Henry Ford is inside and is very focused towards the transportation industry although there are plenty of other exhibits to explore.

To start off there is this HUGE showroom where you can find classic cars, trains, and planes. You can see life size, classic locomotives from the old days (even a classic turn station). The trains are fun because You can also go into a diner from the 1950s with music and everything. Of course the big draw here are the many classic cars throughout the museum. From the first Model Ts to the classics from the 1950s, all you car buffs out there will be in heaven. You can also see classic planes from the WW2 era and the from the beginning of the flight era.

The new Chocolate exhibit is currently open and I would really recommend going to see it. If you are a lover of chocolate, you couldn't ask for more!! There are also celebrations such as fireworks all during the year to celebrate different times of the year. There is also an IMAX theatre which plays many films throughout the year.

Some things that I recommend you do are to try to buy your tickets in advance around busy holidays and always look for specials online at their website. Not that the line is usually always long, but just in case and for preparedness purposes, this would be a good idea. Check out the official website. for specials, and pricing information.

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