Slow's Barbeque in Detroit

Slow's Barbeque is a restaurant that has some of the best barbeque in Detroit. In my opinion, you'd be hardpressed to find a place that is close to Slow's in terms of quality food and service. The setup inside the place has avery unique a modern/silick feel to it and it gives off a good vibe while eating your food.

At times it can be very crowded though, even when you think you're early, which is a testament to the quality of Slow's. One of the favrotie things to like about this place (if you like to drink) is the list of various Michigan beers that you can chose from. There is a large selection and even if you don't know about them all, the waiter or waitress will not hesitate to run them all down for you.

Of course, the food is the main attraction here, and the menu is full of things like the beef brisket, BBQ Buffalo Wings, Catfish, Mac and Cheese, and jambalya just to name a few. As for pricing, it is not expensive at all and you can get a great meal and be full from it for a very good price.

The only thing that many people may complain about is that the location isn't exactly in the best neighborhood. It's basically right in the shadow of the old train station. However, do not let that deter you from coming as there are several other establishments in close proximity (it's not as if it is in the boonies). It's not too far from the MGM Grand on Michigan Ave., and not far from downtown Detroit either so if you're staying in the downtown area, you can drive or take a cab for a pretty low fare. If you're in the mood for barbeque and other great food, look no further than Slow's. Check out theri website here for more info on menu items on contact info.

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