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Sledom Blues Detroit - Great food and live music

Seldom Blues Detroit has become such a favorite dining choice in downtown Detroit for Detroiters and visitors alike in the past few years.

It has great food along with great live music as you dine away. One of the first things you will notice is the view once you walk in. Since it's located in the Detroit Renaissance Center, it has such a perfect view of the Detroit River as well, so if you're out with that special someone during the evening, the view of the Detroit River along with the food will only make it better.

Although the place is quite large, you get a cozy feel while being in there. If you want that great view of the river, you can request it if they are available. In terms of food you can order everything from lobster and crab, to grilled chicken and the wine list is not bad either. With the variety of the menu, I'm sure you will find something that you can enjoy and fill you up.

The music is also what sets this place apart from others. If you are a jazz music fan as I am, this will only add to the experience at Seldom Blues Detroit. Many local and well known jazz artists and groups come to play there and the people really enjoy it. Now in terms of price, do be prepared to spend some dollars. I would put this on my expensive restaurant list for sure. I would also recommend that you make reservations before you decide to come although if you don't, you more than likely will still be able to get a table. It all depends on the time you decide to come. Everyone knows that Friday and Saturday nights can be pretty crowded so definitely make reservations if you plan to come on those nights.

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