Pizza Restaurant in Detroit

There are many delicious pizza restaurants in Detroit. If you have that craving for a delcious pizza pie, there are many places to choose from in and around the downtown Detroit area. Now of course you have the big chains like Pizza Hut and Dominoes, but you could get those anywhere, so you might wanna try some mom and pop Detroit pizza places. Here are a lst of some of the best pizza restaurants in Detroit:

Pizzapapalis Taverna
One of my favorite pizza places to go to. I love the deep dish pizza they serve. Just to warn you though, it will be very hard to finish even one or two slices by yourself!!

553 Monroe Street, Detroit, MI
(313) 961-8020

Niki's Pizzeria
735 Beaubien Street, Detroit, MI
(313) 961-4303

Flat Planet Pizza
2457 Russell Street, Detroit, MI
(313) 567-7879

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