The Penobscot Building in Detroit

The Penobscot Building in Detroit is one of the well known architectural gems in the city. Find out why.

It's so hard to chose favorites with all the amazing architecture in Detroit, but with a design like the Penobscot Building, it makes it pretty easy. The Penobscot has always been on my list of favorite buildings in Detroit since I was little. It doesn't take the top spot from the Guardian Building, but it ranks up there pretty high in my book.

As you'll notice with other skyscrapers in the downtown Detroit area, the Penobscot Building was built right before the Depression era during Detroit's skyscraper boom and was Detroit's tallest building until the Renaissance Center was built.

It was designed by Wirt C. Rowland who designed many buildings in Detroit in the early 20th century. I love the mix of art deco, Aztec design (which you can see on the outside and facade of the building) and cubist style. Visually in terms of color, it may not look spectacular, but you have to pay attention the the little details which make it not only a great piece of architecture, but a great piece of art as well. Put the Penobscot Building at the top of your list when visiting architecture in Detroit. It also makes for a nice site as it looms over Campus Martius.

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