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Hitsville USA.Hitsville USA is one of the most popular tourist attractions you can go to on your visit to Detroit. The reason Detroit is called "Motown" is not only because of cars, but because of the famous record label that produced such artists as Stevie Wonder, Marvin, Gaye, and the Supremes.

The place where the museum stands today was the first headquarters of the Motown record label. You can find much memorobilia including costumes, records, and photographs from the many artists that recorded there in the label's entertainment heyday.

It's always interesting to see how this one little place on W. Grand Blvd., not far from the Fisher Building , can draw so many people from out of town. I know many people loved the music from many of the label's groups and my mom even led me on to some artists that are now some of my favorite even though I wasn't born in that era. That's the beauty of radio and parent's old records. So make Hitsville USA one stop on your tour list even if you aren't in to music or aren't familiar with the whole Motown Era. You might find something interesting you like.

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