Historic Fort Wayne

Barracks at Historic Fort Wayne
Picture Courtesy Taubuch of Flickr
Historic Fort Wayne

Historic Fort Wayne is one of the greatest ways and places to see an important part of Detroit's history. It is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and many people from all over the area like to come and visit. You can still visit the old limestone barracks, as well as other places such as officer's quarters, commisonary, guard house, and stables.

I really think kids enjoy coming to the fort as well as the place is huge and there is a lot to explore. The fort went through many changes and though it is not the original as it stands today, it is still very impressive to see. Also throughout the year, they have special events and performances that you can watch and even participate in sometimes.

It's just like taking a trip back in time. People are dressed up as people would from that time and give demonstrations of common activities from back then. Some of the popular events of 2009 were the Revolutionary War, French Drill Weekend, and Education Day. It is a great place for a field trip. You can also learn about some of the wars going on at that time and learn the reason for why the fort was built.

Next to the Detroit Historical Museum, I would say visting the fort is just one of the many great ways to experience Detroit's past. The fort is also open all year round and weekends are usually your best bet for the activities and events. Fort Wayne is run by the city of Detroit but also accepts donations as it does take a lot to maintain and keep the place up. Also if you live in the Detroit area and would like to volunteer, there are many opportunities for you to do so.

The fort is located just a ways from downtown Detroit in the southwest area of the city. Schedules, events, and prices may change from time to time, so be sure to check out their website downtown Detroit for more info and also directions.

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