The Hilton Garden Inn Detroit

The Hilton Garden Inn Detroit is another hotel that is right in the city close to all the nightlife and many attractions downtown. Ford Field and Comerica Park are right there so this is the perfect hotel to stay at if you are in town and you have tickets to a football or baseball game.

The hotel is one of Detroit's newest hotels and it's gotten nothing but good reviews from the majority of people.

You will find plenty of help at the front desk if you need directions or a map to anything in the city. Valet parking is also available. There is a restaurant inside called the Hunter House restaurant which has a very fun and exciting atmosphere. You can enjoy your meal and if a game is one, you've got five large flat screen televisions to watch it on. Another perk to staying at this hotel is that it's right in the Harmonie Park District. If you want some other food options other than the Hunter House Resraurant and you don't want to go very far, you will find several restaurants in Harmonie Park. There are no suites available but the rooms are very spacious.

Prices start at $193 a night

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