Finding great hiking in Michigan in and around Detroit

Finding hiking in Michigan that is close to the Detroit area is not a problem at all. Of course with Detroit being a mostly urban area, you won't find many "nature walks" within the city.

However, there are a few places within the city where you can definitely get a good walk in for a good 3-6 miles or so.

If you're just looking for a simple walk or trail, the Detroit River Walk is a great place to start. You can get a good walk/workout from walking the whole stretch of the walk once or twice (or even more if you want of course). Not to mention the great scenery you get out of it. There's nothing like walking on the river walk on a nice day with the Detroit River and Detroit Skyline on both sides of you.

Also, you may want to try walking Belle Isle during the day. Walking the whole island is certainly something that a lot of people do and you can see many great sites and sounds by doing this as well. If you really have time or are just really feeling like a superhero, you could try walking from the start of the River Walk, on to Belle Isle, and then all the way back to the start of the River Walk again. People do do this and it does take awhile.

That's prety much it for walking/"trails" in the city. If you want to truly experience some of the nature that area has, you can find some good trails just outside of the city. Below are some good trails that many people frequent, and that are at most, an hours drive away from the downtown area.

Downriver Linked Greenways

You can find some great trails here. Not only can you walk, but there's also biking, kayaking, and canoeing.

Melvindale, MI 48122
Phone: (313) 410 - 9431

Downriver Greenways Website

Paint Creek Trail

This is a great place year round for biking, hiking, walking, and more. Located in the midst of great scenery, this is one you will want to try out.

4480 Orion Rd., Rochester, MI, 48306
(248) 651 - 9260

Paint Creek Trail

Lake Erie Metro Park

Lake Erie Metro Park is a favorite among many. With marshes, meadows, along with a swimming pool and golf course, you can do a lot more than hiking here.

32481 W. Jefferson Rd., Box 120, Brownstown, MI 48173-9300
Phone: (800) 234 - 6534 (toll free), (734) 379 - 5020

Lake Erie Metro Park

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