Hamtramck is another great place to visit

One of the favorite places of myself and many other Detroiters is Hamtramck, Michigan. What makes the city unique is several things. First of all it is a fairly small city but it is surrounded by Detroit on all sides. Sort of landlocked I guess you could say. Second, it is well known for being the most internationally diverse city in Michigan. People from all nationalities live here and they have opened many good restaurants which is the third reason I love Hamtramck. Most people who have a craving for Polish food come here but there is a wide array of other restaurants and shops as well.

Paczki Day

Now I'm not very fond of Polish food but I know many Detroiters who are. Now although I don't typically favor Polish food, I can never deny the greatness that is Paczki Day (pronounced "ponch-kee") which is basically the name for Polish donuts. They deep fry the donuts and fill them with a filling of choice (usually prune, lemon, strawberry, and raspberry) and it's absolutely delicious. I'm already a sucker for sweets :)

In fact the whole city goes all out on the last Tuesday (or what many people call Fat Tuesday) before lent, with a parade, live entertainment, and everything else you can think of. Lines can also be seen at stores 24 hours in advance. So even if you're not in town for Paczki Day, Hamtramck is still a great way to spend part of your day when you're visiting the D. So come on and check it out.

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