The Guardian Building in Detroit

Guardian Building2

The Guardian Building2Detroit is well known for its depression era skyscrapers and the Guardian Building is no exception.

Out of all the architectural masterpieces in downtown Detroit , I would have to say that the Guardian Building is the most well known and the one that people seem to favor more. Just looking at the building from a distance you can see the architectural detail of the building. I mean they just don't make buildings like these anymore!! During my younger days when I became fascinated with the city and architecture, I found out the there are an astonishing 2 million bricks used in the construction of the building. That is amazing in itself.

Also being a historical landmark, it really stands out in the Detroit skyline with its straight "I" shape design.

I would say the most fascinating thing that people notice is the pewabic tile that lines many parts of the building. On the outside you can see the colorful tile at the entrances of the building. You can also see the tile waaaaaay at the top of the building on the crowns of the two "tower" segments.

**Here's a tip...if you want to get a good shot at the tile at the top, your best bet would be to go to the Penobscot Building and head to any floor in the can then walk down to the end of the hallway and get a pretty good shot of the top of the Guardian out of the window from there**

The Guardian Building1 Once you go inside, you will be absolutely stunned at the level of detail in the ceiling and on the walls. Simply amazing.

You will see why they once called this building the Cathedral of Commerce.

Colorful tile line the ceiling and the walls and you can also see detailed tile artworks of the state of Michigan.

Since the building was a bank when it was built, you can still go down on tours and see the old bank vaults even though the building is clearly used for other things now.

All in all if you had to chose just one architectural masterpiece to see in the city, this would be the one. There are many other great looking buildings in the city, but the Guardian Building tops my list.

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