Great Lakes Crossing Mall

Looking for a great shooping experience? The Great Lakes Crossing Mall is a place that you have to check out then. With over 180 stores, you could literally spend a whole day just looking around. Not to mention the AMC movie theatre, tons of restaurants, and top anchor stores.

It opened back in 1998 with tons of hype, and even the the hype has of course died down, it is still one of the best malls to go and shop at just for the variety it has. It is a great place for outlet shopping and you can find many deals if you spend your time browsing throughout the mall. I've only been a few times because of the distance from my house, but I've enjoyed it everytime I've went there.

Probably the most popular restaurant is the Rainforest Cafe. Many people rave about this place. Parking can become a problem during the holidays as with any mall, but there is adequate parking for those busy days.

Unlike many malls of this size, Great Lakes Crossing is only one floor, which means it is pretty spread out. It may not seem that way from the outside, but it is pretty huge. Depending on where you are in the Detroit area, your drive to the mall could be short or long. If you are right in the downtown Detroit area, it could take you about 45 minutes (don't use a taxi!). If you live in any of the northenr suburbs, it'll be a shorter trip.

Since the mall is in Aurburn Hills, you could say it's like driving to a Pistons game at the Palace. So if you have any free time on the weekends or even on the weekdays, check out Great Lakes Crossing for some good deals you may not be able to find at any other mall in the area.

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