The Fox Theatre Detroit

Inside the Fox Theatre in Detroit
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The Fox Theatre
Why the Fox Theatre Detroit is one of the best places to go in the city. Schedules of shows and more including resturants and parking in the area.

Not far from Comerica Park, it is the main venue to go for plays and concerts. Of course there are many more theatres and music halls such as the Detroit Opera House , but the Fox Theatre is the queen of them all in my honest opinion. As some whould say, it's Detroit's crown jewel. Did I mention it's the nation's second largest theatre? ;)

Since it's been restored back in the late 80s, many top productions have come to town to play at the Fox Theatre. The Music City Spectacular has had an ongoing presence every year around Christmas. Next year the hit play "The Color Purple" will be playing.

I was fortunate enough when I was little to have my mom take me to several events at the Fox Theatre Detroit. Of course as a little kid, I didn't always enjoy dressing up and going to see somebody sing that I had never heard of, but I did appreciate her taking me to things other than sporting events or just to the movies.

The one thing that I was so amazed with as a child and even now, is the beauty of the building.

It's not wildly spectacular looking on the outside, but once you get inside, MAN!!! The level of detail on the walls, the columns, and everything else is absolutely stunning. It's an architect's dream. Be sure to check out the Fox Theatre's website for info on what shows are coming up in the near future. For more info on box office tickets, seating charts, and more check out the official website. Also check my Detroit Event Calendar for any news on special shows or performances. If you have the time, definitely come out and see a show. Even if you don't know what the show is about, GO!!

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