The Fisher Building in Detroit

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The Fisher Building (built in 1928) is yet another early 20th century skyscraper in Detroit that shows the amount of detail and effort put into buildings back then, which gives even more credit to its nickname "Detroit's largest art object".

Complete with a theatre, offices, and shops it serves as the anchor for the New Center area as well as Detroit's TasteFest every summer.

Just to let you know a little bit of history, the Fisher Building was actually the first of three identical towers in Detroit New Center Area with the third one being much bigger than the other two.

These were to anchor the New Center area and serve as Detroit's second downtown. Since this area never materialised like many wanted to due to the Great Depression, the Fisher Building often looks isolated and as if it should be with the other buildings downtown.

However I believe this gives the building a character of its own and you can clearly identify it as being the tallest structure outside of the downtown area. Also take note of the golden roof atop the building which changes colors often depending on what's going on in the city (anythings from celebrating holidays like the 4th of July to playoff runs by the Detroit sports teams).

Looking from the outside, you can see the amount of detail in the marble, sculptures, and granite of the building. Walking on the inside however, your eyes will be truly stunned at lobby and the over 40 types of marble that were used in the making of it. Building back then truly were works of art and not just architecture. I'm so glad that the building was named a national landmark as many buildings in Detroit are.

Be sure to take a tour of the whole building and just stand in awe of the level of detail that was put into the building. Walk around it. Take pictures. It's totally worth it. If you are truly into architecture, you won't be disappointed. Inside, you can also find many shops and even a few great resraurants.

The Fisher Theatre

Also housed in the Fisher Building is the Fisher Theatre which plays host to many plays during the year. The theatre is also an architectural masterpiece and seats over 2,000 people. Click here for more on the Fisher Theatre.

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