Faygo Pop

Faygo pop is a staple company of Detroit and one of the best soda pops around. There are tons of flavors to choose from.

Faygo is one of my favorite things about being from the D. I'm overseas now, but this is one of the beverages that I miss the most. There's nothing like a refreshing Faygo drink when the weather is blazing hot. Faygo is a pop or soda company (I know all about the pop/soda debate) that is based in the city and has been around snce 1907. So most Detroiters, if not all, know about Faygo.

There are many reasons why Faygo is popular in the city/Michigan, and is becoming popular in other states as well.

The first thing I would have to say is price. I can get a 2-liter Faygo pop from just about any store in the city for anywhere from 69 cents, to a dollar. I can also get a 24 oz for 50 cents. Compare that with something like Pepsi or Coke, and you can get a great drink for much less.

Next to the price, is the absurd number of flavors that Faygo has. My personal favorites are Grape, Pineapple, Red, and Moon Mist. Also, even though I'm not a fan of Root Beer, Bon Apetit Magazine voted their Root Beer the best tasting American Root Beer. Here are a list of flavors:

60/40 (60% grapefruit, 40% lime)
Dr. Faygo
Black Cherry
Black Cherry and Raspberry
Blue Raspberry
Candy Apple (discontinued) (recontinued later)
Centennial Soda (Blueberry cream)
City Soda
Champagne Kola
Chocolate Creme Pie Soda
Club Soda
Coconut Cream Pie
Cotton Candy
Cherry Cola
Creme Soda
Diet Chocolate Cream Pie
Diet Frosh
Diet Raspberry Creme
Diet Red Pop
Diet Orange
Fruit Punch
Ginger Ale
Jazzin' Blues Berry
Key Lime Pie
Kiwi Strawberry (non-carbonated)
Mango Tango
Moon Mist
Moon Mist Green
Moon Mist Red
Moon Mist Blue
Morning Mist
Orange Chug
Original Black Raspberry
Pineapple Orange
Raspberry Blueberry
Red Cherry
Fine Rhubarb Pie (Winning Flavor of the 2007 "Design a Flavor" contest sponsored in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan)
Red Pop
Red Pop w/ Lemon
Rock and Rye
Root Beer
Sex on The Beach
Tonic Water
Twist (lemon-lime, formerly UpTown)
Vanilla Creme Soda

(Courtesty of Wikipedia)

So as you can see, you have quite a range to choose from. However, a lot of these can only be pruchased online or direct throught the company. So if you're ever in the D, make sure to stop by a nearby store and try some Faygo pop/soda is you haven't already. I'm sure out of the many flavors above, you can find one that will become your favorite :).

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