Downtown Detroit Parking

Finding downtown Detroit Parking can be a hassle at times...unless you know where to park. Here are some parking lots and garages in the downtown area.

Finding downtown parking really shouldn't be a problem. It's about as easy as finding airport parking. However trying to find parking in downtown can be hard during sporting events, concerts, festivals at Hart Plaza, etc. For starters, you may in town just for a visit or coming downtown for a festival. If you plan on taking a tour throughout downtown, say to look at some architecture, walk through Greektown, eat at a restaurant, or to check out Campus Martius, where are some good places to park?

Well one of my best and favorite spots to find downtown Detroit Parking is in front of the Book Cadillac Hotel on Washington Blvd. There is almost always spaces available to park at. The only downside is that it is meter based, and the most time you can get is an hour. This could be perfect for you if you just plan on making a quick stop at some places but more than likely you will need some long term parking where you don't have to worry about feeding the meters. One thing about downtown is that you can find PLENTY of parking garages and lots. There are really too many to name on this site so I'll tell you about the main ones below.

Greektown Parking Garage
1001 Brush St.
Phone: (313) 961-8322
They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is HUGE.

Grand Circus Park
1600 Woodward Ave.
Phone: (313) 962-3348
They are open Monday-Friday 5:30am - 8pm, and they are open on weekends as well for sporting events and other major events. This is one of the more popular garages as it is close to Comerica Park and Ford Field.

Joe Louis Arena
900 W. Jefferson Ave.
Phone: (313) 259-5342
They are open Monday - Friday 6:30am-11pm and on the weekends for sporting events and other major events.

Premier Underground Garage
1206 Woodward Ave.
Phone: (313) 964-3718
They are open Monday - Friday 6am - 11pm and are open and the weekends when needed.

Ford Underground Garage
30 E. Jefferson Ave.
Phone: (313) 877-8787
They are open Monday - Friday 6am- 11pm. Saturday - Sunday 7am - 7pm and for special events, they are open on the weekends until midnight.

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