Downtown Detroit architecture is very diverse

All in all you can find so many varying styles of downtown Detroit architecture. You can find the art deco theme featured on many buildings and you also have the more modern types of buildings as well.

I frequently walk through the downtown area just to see a lot of the buildings. Even though I've seen them many times over, I need get tired of looking at them and I always discover a greater appreciation for especially the older buildings. A lot of the buildings from the 20s and 30s were not just mere buildings, but were works of art. It's also always a good idea to walk around instead of just drive by, because you don't want to have an accident or have some angry driver honk at you :)

But of course you want to get as close as possible and have the time to actually see every little detail that you can and also take some great pictures. Most of Detroit's classic architecture pieces are found near the Central Business District with buildings such as the Penobscot Building, the Guardian Building, and the David Stott Tower.

Near the riverfront and towards Jefferson, you will find the more recently built structures which are quite simple in design but offer a unique touch to the Detroit skyline. Of course you can't miss the dominating Renaissance Center on the riverfront either. I would also recommend you check out some of the classic hotels such as the Book Cadillac which is being renovated and scheduled to open in October. The Book Cadillac has an Italian influence and includes some great detail.

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