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The weather in Detroit has a mind of its own

detroit weather after a summer stormFind local forecast and info about the Detroit Weather and what to expect in Detroit, Michigan. Links to forecast info news and more. Weather in Detroit....what can I say??

It is unique, different, wild, calm, and all of the above. Weather conditions can change quickly here, and it makes predicting the Detroit weather forecast very difficult at times. News stations like Fox 2, News 4 (Click on Detroit), and Channel 7 Action News do a great job of forecasting the crazy weather here in Michigan.

I also love their weather cams and interactive weather radars during the wild weather. The National Weather Service of Detroit also does a good job in keeping people prepared for the weather. Of course with our position in the midwest, we experience all four seasons.

Which is great if you like having different surroundings at different times of the year. To put it simply, during the summer you will get hot and humid weather. During the winter, you will get freezing temps and plenty of snow to keep you company as well. The weather in Detroit can vary greatly, and history (especially weather almanacs about Detroit) shows us this.

The spring and fall months are up for grabs in my opinion. What do I mean by that?

Well during the springtime, I recall having snowstorms as late April and I've seen temperatures in the 70s and 80s as late as October and November only to fall back to the 30 degree range the next day. You've gotta love Detroit weather.

So keeping an eye on Detroit weather forecasts especially for your flight into town is very important. Don't let the winter months deter you away from coming to the city during that time however. You will find a list of many things to do in the city during the winter on the attractions page.

There are many things that you can go to which are inside and warm :) so you won't have to worry about the weather. (Or if you like the cold weather and snow, check out some Michigan Ski Resorts)

Also since the summer is very warm, it is perfect for playing golf or quenchin your thirst with a nice Faygo Pop. I love golf, and there are many courses for you to chose from in the area. Michigan is well known for its golf courses afterall.

To stay on top of the weather, you will want to check out the Detroit weather forecast often especially during the spring and summer months where severe storms can pop up at a moments notice. You can always check the Local News for weather reports or even the weather channel.

And just for fun and your enjoyment, here are some interesting weather scenarios I've encountered while living here:

  • An 18 inch snowstorm during New Year's Eve which closed my school for a whole week
  • An ice storm which took down the branches of our huge tree in our front April
  • A tornado...yes I said a tornado hit about 2 miles from me in July...right before the 4th of July holiday
  • Heat waves into the 100 degree range. And this isn't the type of heat you find in Arizona or Las Vegas. This is high temperatures with high humidity where the air feels like a hot blanket on you
  • "Freeze waves" in the winter where the temps would dip to -15...I remember throwing water out to see how fast it would freeze.
The winter can get quite dreary so check out the Belle Isle Conservatory. to get a break from the cold and cloudiness. As you can see, you get a lot of variety living up here. Even if you watch the forecast for the weather up here, don't be surprised if are surprised by the weather.

Bottom line...BE PREPARED and always check the weather forecast for the area. The Current Weather for the city can be found below:

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