Detroit Traffic and getting around the Detroit Metro Area

Detroit traffic is just as bad as any other major city and what makes ours bad is that we are the Motor City so it should be expected. To get around the city, I highly recommend renting a car unless you have people that you know in the city who can get you around. The Metro area is pretty big and if you want to see some of the sight that are just outside the main city, a car is a must. Detroit car rentals can be found just about everywhere. If you plan on renting a car, you can do it right at the airport if you are flying in.

Detroit Traffic and Getting Around Of course if you are driving around rush hour between that 3-6 time period, you will find major backups on the highways. The main highways that pass throughout the city are I-75, I-94, and I-96. You will be able to get to most destinations in the city using these along with some main side streets such as Gratiot, Michigan Avenue, Woodward Avenue, and Grand River. STAY CLEAR OF I-94 DURING RUSH HOUR!!! I suggest you keep a map with directions on how to get to your places of interest. Click here for Detroit Maps.

Detroit Limo Have a special occasion while you're here. A Detroit Limo service may be the way to go. Cruise around the city in style and enjoy the city sights at the same time.

Detroit People Mover The Detroit People Mover is a great way to get around the downtown area. It is especially useful when big events are going on such as sporting events or festivals. It only loops around the downtown area, but it still proves useful. One thing I like to do sometimes is instead of going around and around looking for parking near an event, I will park near a people mover station and just take the People Mover to the event. You also get to see some cool sights downtown from a different perspective. I would also recommend just riding around the whole loop just for fun ;).

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