Detroit Tourist Attractions

Many of the Detroit Tourist Attractions can be enjoyed without any cost at all. Find out what these top places are.

So are you looking for some things to do in Detroit that don't require a lot of money? Well lucky for you, there are many attractions and events you can go to and enjoy at no cost. Some of these places you can spend a whole day just enjoying the scenery or even enjoy a picnic with friends. Here are some of the best Detroit tourist attractions that you can enjoy for free:

Belle Isle Detroit

This has to be my top choice for this list, especially during the summer. It's probably Detroit's most well known park and being situated on the Detroit River, you have great scenery along with a great breeze coming of the water during those hot and humid summer months. Sometimes I'll come and bring a chair, pop open a book, and relax and enjoy the weather. Other times I'll bike or go for a run. If I just want to You can also play basketball, go for a swim on the beach, or even fish. Find out more about Belle Isle Detroit.

The Detroit River Walk

The Detroit River Walk is abother great place to get a great view of the Detroit River. People also use this place for biking, running, and rollerblading. It stretches for three miles and during the summer a few festivals also setup shop which is lots of fun. You can also get a great view of the Detroit skyline behind you as you walk from Joe Louis Arena all the way past the Renaissance Center to Rivard Plaza. Find out more about the Detroit River Walk.

Campus Martius

Detroit's newst park which won an award for best Urban Park in the country is great in the summer and winter. During the summer there are free concerts and even movies. It's also another great place to just chill and relax. In the winter, the park converts into an ice rink and if you have your own skates, you can skate for free. Find more about Campus Martius.

The Belle Isle Conservatory

The Belle Isle Conservatory (or also known as the Anna Scripps Whitcom Conservatory) is perfect in the cold months for getting rid of the winter blues. Enjoy plants from all over the world and get some great pics as well. Find out more about the Belle Isle Conservatory.

Hart Plaza Festivals

Hart Plaza holds a lot of festivals during the summer and although not all are free, a lot of them are. They sell food, and there are vendors there but you don't have to buy anything of course. You can enjoy a lot of the musical performances for free and just enjoy the day in downtown Detroit. Find out more about Hart Plaza.

I will continue to add to this list of free Detroit tourist attractions as time goes on and feel free to send me a suggestion using the contact form at the top.

For other attractions which do require you to pay (like the Detroit Zoo), check out my Detroit Attractions page.

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