Looking for Detroit Shopping?

Find out the best places to shop in the Metro area!

Car rental keys Finding Detroit shopping malls is no problem at all. There are not any in the downtown Detroit area, but you can find outlet malls, bigger shopping centers and more in the nearby areas.

So where do you go to find Detroit shopping? Whenever you're visiting a certain place, you're almost always wanna go shopping at some point and time during the trip.

You may want souvenirs for yourself and for your family, or you may just want to buy some things because well, you want to. What are some of the best places to shop in and around the city? Allow me..... Most of the major shopping centers are located outside of the city. Everything is within driving distance which makes it easier to go to many within a short amount of time. No matter where you stay in the city, you will always be close to a Detroit shopping center that is no more than 30 minutes or less.

All of the shopping centers provide a great atmosphere and make you feel comfortable when you're out buying whatever you need. Another good thing about shopping in the area is that there are MANY places to chose from. Each place has it's own character and has something different to offer so don't just limit yourself to one place to visit.

Here is a list of great shopping centers and malls for you to chose from:

Fairlane Mall and TownCenter

Fairlane is a popular shopping center that myself and many other Detroiters like to go to. It is close to the downtown area, which is very convenient. Click here for more info on Fairlane Mall and Towncenter.

Somerset Collection

There are two parts to the mall which cross Big Beaver Rd., and you can do plenty of

shopping here. There are also many restaurants for you to eat at if you're feeling hungry. Again, make sure if you want to buy something, to have your money ready because it is an expensive mall, even though there is one side of the mall that is cheaper so to speak, than the other side.

Click here for more info on the Somerset Collection Mall.
Great Lakes Crossing
Picture Credit - www.newyorkcityfocus.com
The Diamond Jack

Great Lakes Crossing

Great Lakes Crossing is a huge mall in Auburn Hills. In fact it's not too far away from The Palace of Auburn Hills where the Pistons play. You could spend

a whole day here at this mall especially since it's filled with over 200 shops and restaurants. Click here for more info on Great Lakes Crossing Mall.

Birch Run Outlet Mall

The largest outlet mall in the Midwest. Find out more about Birch Run Outlet Mall.

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