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detroit riverwalk
The Detroit River Walk is a great place to relax and enjoy the great views of Canada, the river, and the downtown Detroit skyline behind you. Enjoy great views of the river an relax. It is fast becoming a popular destination in Detroit among many others such as Campus Martius. After heading to the Detroit Museums, or having a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants, why not come to the river walk and relax, of course hoping the weather cooperates!! The new river walk project started several years ago has proved to become a favorite among myself and many other Detroiters. It stretches for 2 miles along the Detroit riverfront and it will expand even further towards Belle Isle when it is ultimately completed. If I'm coming from somewhere like Detroit Eastern Market or the Fox Theatre, I love to come down to the Detroit River Walk to just relax sometimes. Even if you're staying at a hotel like the Atheneum Hotel, it's only a short walk away.

If it's been a long day, it's nice to come and sit down on one of the many benches and just enjoy the scenery with Canada just on the other side (maybe with a Faygo Pop?). Many people also like to fish along the walk and it also provides great pictures for you photography people out there. You can enjoy the boats and huge shipping freighters as they steam by down the river.

Look to your left, and you can see Belle Isle Look to your right and you'll see a wonderful view of the Ambassador Bridge. Watching the many people walk by as they speak and say hi to you makes it even more enjoyable.

So Much to do

But you don't have to come here to just relax, you can rollerblade, ride your bike, jog, and even fish. It's also good for dates ;). It's truly an enjoyable experience.

I would recommend that you walk the entire stretch of the walk at least once. (Maybe walk off some calories from the delicious dessert from Astoria Pastry Shop) But make sure you have some walking shoes if you chose to do so. Walking the length from Joe Louis Arena or Cobo Hall to the Rivard Plaza just past the Renaissance Center is no short walk but I wouldn't call it long either. From beginning to end, you will see such sights as Hart Plaza, Tri-Centennial State Park, the Windsor skyline, and the Park and Harbor Lighthouse.

River Days

River Days is a summer event that happens along the river every summer as part of the Freedom Festival that happens every year. It is a very active event where you can find vendors from all over Detroit selling artwork and clothing and you also can find rides for the kids or yourself if you're a "big kid". There are also multiple music stages featuring various artists. I look forward to it again every summer as there were so many things to do. As I said, there were rides, plenty of food, as well as games and people in booths showcasing art and other items.

You could easily spend a whole day down at the river walk during this time. The end of the festival was capped off with one of my favorite parts, the fireworks!! One of the most notable features of the Detroit River Walk is in front of the RenCen where a series of small fountains line the walk. During the summer and during the River Days Festival this past summer, you could see many kids playing in it as well as adults (although they like to try to play it off as if they're not having fun lol).

detroit riverwalk

There are benches all along the walk so if you get tired from running or walking, just sit down, take a rest, and enjoy the view of the river and other sights and sounds for awhile. Check out my Riverwalk video:


You can also head inside the Renaissance Center for a quick bite to eat on your walk. Once again it does get cold for the winter months, but that shouldn't stop you from taking a quick walk on the Detroit River Walk. You may even be able to see a frozen Detroit River. Of course I wouldn't recommend you stay out to long, because well, Detroit winters are nothing to joke about. But walking along the Detroit River Walk is not just limited to the warm months so feel free to take a quick walk if you want. I am excited to tell you that the Detroit River walk now has bike rentals for your enjoyment along with a new cafe for food breaks (just lovely). So don't fret if you don't have a bike. The new place is called Wheel House which offers a variety of bikes including tandem bikes, city mountain bikes, cruisers, as well as bikes for the kids. Bike repairs and service are also available and the new cafe' offers snacks, salads, and sandwiches. I'm glad that this addition has been made because it's another great way to see the River walk and the city. They also give bike tours so check them out. One thing I do have to mention is that parking can be difficult nowadays. Be careful not to park your car on any of the nearby streets because they WILL give you a ticket or tow your car. It would be best to pay the fee and park in one of the garages, or you could simply park at one of the parking meters in downtown Detroit and walk. It will save you a lot of headaches later.

*Also keep in mind that the walk is a great place to watch the Detroit Fireworks and not too far from Detroit People Mover, so if you want to park somewhere and try that route, it would be fine as well. The People Mover stops at the Renaissance Center. The Wheelhouse Detroit is located at 1340 Atwater which is right down the street from the Renaissance Center. Get ridin' !!

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