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Detroit People Mover

Information on the Detroit People Mover including maps and fares. Travel around downtown, and enjoy the ride on the People Mover route and art at the stops on the loop. That cool train that loops around the downtown area. How could you get around downtown during crowded events without it?

Now the Detroit People Mover is not any form of mass transit, but I think people in the city don't appreciate it most of the time. You don't know how many times I was able to save on parking because of the people mover. You don't know how many times on cold nights coming from a downtown restaurant, a dance club, or the Renaissance Center, how GLAD I was to have the people mover in the city.

The people mover is a great way to get around the downtown area and it can really save you time and money on parking. The loop goes around the whole downtown area with multiple stations so a convenient station will more than likely be close to anywhere you are trying to go. All the major attractions and places in downtown have a people mover station. In fact, you can find a map of all the stops at the station. 9I will also be adding a map to this site for your convenience).

The Renaissance Center, Greektown, Cobo Hall, Joe Louis Arena, and near Campus Martius.

Detroit People Mover
Detroit People Mover Image by mrkumm

It is also within walking distance of places like the Fox Theatre, Hockeytown CafeDetroit Music Hall, and the Opera House.

As I said above, if there is a sporting event like a Tigers game or other activity I need to head downtown for, I will more than likely try to find cheap parking close to a people mover station, and take the people mover until it drops me off at my destination. It's better than paying $15 dollars to park close to the event as it will be hard to find parking anyways. You can check my downtown parking page for parking options.

Wherever you take it to, it will not be long and you also get to enjoy some nice views of the river and the city. You should ride the whole loop at least once. Following the map will truly help you name some of the sights you see on the way. I truly love going around the loop every once and awhile because it's a great way to see the downtown area.

Detroit People Mover
Detroit People Mover Image by katerha

My favorite stretch of the Detroit People Mover Loop is when it goes through Cobo Hall and then comes out and you can see the Detroit River right along the right side. Since the People Mover is built very close to the river, and the People Mover is very high up, it's almost as if you're flying above the river because you can't really see the ground below you.

Also at many of the stations you will find some very nice art on the walls in the stations. I know some of you may not care, but I'm an artist at heart ;). Many murals featuring the classic automobles can be found in the stations and many of the stations are in great locations in the downtown area.

These are the Detroit People Mover times and scheduled hours of operation.

Note that during entertainment and sporting events and other conventions that come to town, the People Mover will almost always extend its hours beyond normal hours so people can still have access to taking the train back to near where they parked.


6:30 AM - Midnight


6:30 AM - 2 AM


9 AM - 2AM


Noon - Midnight

Fare info

50 cents per ride with tokens available in the stations.

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