Finding the best Detroit Nightlife

Having fun in the D after the sun goes down

Guide to finding good Detroit nightlife and is not hard to do. Maybe after you've done some shopping at the Somerset Collection, there are many options when looking for nightlife in the city. You may enjoy things such as the museums, and other attractions, but what is there to do when the places close and the sun sets? Well there are many fun nightlife places in the city for you to go and enjoy yourself. If you're looking for clubs, casinos, dancing, live music, there are places for you to go.

Dance Clubs Are you looking for some dancing to liven up your night? Well there are many places for you to go in the downtown area as well as the suburbs. These places offer dancing, live music, and great food from around the world. Visit my

Casinos Well it's no secret that youo can find three casino hotels here. You don't need to stay at the hotel to visit the casinos or to visit the popular clubs or restaurants within the cainos. Remember to gamble responsibly!!

Theatre If you're looking for the more relaxed and laidback type of nightlife, theatre can be the perfect option for you. Places like the Fox Theatre and The Fillmore are two of the most popular theatres in the city. What's better than seeing a great show or concert, and then topping it off by heading to a nice restaurant afterwards for a great meal? Find out more about

Restaurants Some of Detroit's restaurants can be the perfect place to go to see live music and dance in a more relaxed environment than say a club. Read more about restaurants in the D.

Greektown Greektown can be a fun place to go during the nights, especially after a ball game. Here you can find many restaurants, a few clubs, and of course there's the casino. Read more about Greektown.

Detroit Bars There are also many bars to check out in the immediate downtown area as well as the surrounding Metro area. Find out more about Detroit Bars

I hope this helps you find some Detroit nightlife.

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