Find the best Detroit Newspapers in the area

Looking for Detroit Newspapers? Check here for a list of the best papers in the Metro area. You can find obituaries, classifieds, jobs, and more.

Are you an avid reader of the newspaper? In town for a visit and wondering which newspapers to check out? Well I've compiled a list of the best newspapers in the Metro area communities. There are quite a few newspapers in the area to choose from, many of which have big circulation numbers. Whether you're looking for classifieds, sports, just plain news, or even coupons, you can find it.

Of course, you have your traditional news sources which cover local news stories and headlines. But you also have papers which cover positive growth, events, and new developments in the city. You can get subscriptions to these papers (many offer home delivery, and also read them online as well. I love reading the local papers to check up on my sports teams.

You can also get news coverage on things happening in other Great Lakes cities around the area. Here are a list of the top Detroit newspapers in the area:

The Detroit Free Press

The Free Press has been a longtime player in the newspaper game. It was started in 1831 and was orignally called the "Democratic Free Press". It has a majority Liberal viewpoint and is also joined with the Detroit News. (However the Free Press gets exclusivity on the Sunday editions. The Free Press' official site can be found here. (You can get a subscription to them, and they also offer home delivery)

The Detroit News

This particular paper is a partner with the Free Press and has been around since 1874. This paper is more conservative and has a smaller readership than the Free Press. Check them out online at here.

Metro Times

The Metro Times is one of the more popular Detroit Newspapers in the area because this publication covers popular nightspots, restaurants, and music in the area. It caters mostly to young adults, but of course anyone can read it and find it useful. I use it a lot of times to find events going on in the city. It also features personals and can be found on newstands on Wednesdays. Check out their website here.

Crain's Detroit Business

Crain's is one of my favorite publications because they are always up to date on the latest development projects in the city. It is delivered on Mondays and features events in the area, columns, etc. Check out Crain's website here.

The Daily Oakland Press

The Daily Oakland Press serves the Oakland County area. It serves Oakland county, but also reports news around the state and nation. The Oakland Press website can be found here.

Hour Detroit Magazine

Hour is another one of my favorites. I can always find a new restuarant or new spot in the city to check out just by reading this publication. It was started in 1996 and has gained quite a following. Even though it is targeted towards people with high incomes, anyone can find it useful. You can find their website here.

Mirror Newspapers

These consist of six community papers throughout Oakland County. Papers come out on Fridays. Check out their website here

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