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Where to find the best news in Detroit

Where to find Detroit Local News? Look here to know where you can find the best local Detroit news station.

You can find out the latest going ons about the city including the latest big events at local places like the museums and sports arenas I find that by watching the Detroit local news stations (Channel 2, Channel 4, and Channel 7), I can find out about even more events and things that are going on in the city. I also have a list of events going on at places such as Campus Martius on my Event Calendar.

There are many ways to stay up to date with current happenings and weather in Motown. (Also note that many news stations now have mobile apps for smart phones like the Iphone...very convenient) You probably won't find yourself watching the television often during your trip, but you will always have that downtime in between going to all the different places in the area. Here are some great stations and newspapers if you're looking for some Detroit local news.

News Stations
There are three main stations to get the local news if you're a television person. These stations have been around since tv first started and I remember even watching some of the same anchors since I was a kid.

    Fox 2 or Channel 2 News

    On basic tv, you can channel 2 2 of course. On cable you can find it on channel 12 although I am not sure how hotels in the area list stations. They are all usually different. They are also the local Fox affiliate. They have your standard morning, noon, and evening show time and they are the only station in the area which starts their nightly news at 10. Click here for more on Channel 2.

    Local 4 or Channel 4 News

    The channel 4 location is the same concept as Fox 2. They are the local NBC affiliate. They also have morning, noon, evening, and nightly news (starts at 11) Click here for more on Channel 4.

    ABC or Channel 7 News

    The local ABC affiliate station. They also have morning, noon, evening, and nightly news (starts at 11) Click here for more on Channel 7.
Newspapers Of course you can always opt for reading the local news. A lot of hotels deliver the local newspapers right to your door anyways, so why not read it?

    The Free Press

    The Free Press is one of two main newspapers in the area. Very good information and columns. You can find sports, weather, local, and real estate.

    The Detroit News

    The other newspaper in the area. Also a good source of info for local happenings, sports, and weather.

    The Metro Times

    The Metro Times is a favorite of mine as I can also find out about events going on in town. These things range from local plays all the way to restaurants which are really treasures that a lot of people don't know about. The best about this paper is that it's free and can be found in most local businesses at the front door.

Find out more about Detroit newspapers.

Sports Radio

For info on the latest going ons in the sports world, check out sports radio.

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