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Find the best Detroit hotels for your stay in the city. Find out which places are best and which places are close to all the events and attractions.

A hotel reservation is something you will more than likely be looking for especially if you're in town for a convention at Cobo Hall, going shopping at Birch Run Outlet Mall, or for a game at Comerica Park. So where should you stay? Good hotels are not hard to find, and there are hotels for everyone. If you're on a budget there are plenty of places to chose from.

You can also find many places to suit you if you are looking for the top quality service and treatment.

With Detroit's unique position on the river, you get a range of different hotels from the soaring glass tower of the Marriott Renaissance Center to the secluded classic Book Cadillac Hotel. No hotel is exactly the same. They all have their different character and atmosphere.

Your hotel reservation should depend on what places you want to be close to in the area.

I would recommend for your hotel choice that you stay in the downtown area. I say this for many reasons. One reason is this is a great sports town and more than likely when you visit, there will be a game going on. Three of the four arenas are right downtown so staying there would put you in close proximity to them.

If you prefer not to stay downtown, staying close to the airport would be a plus too since you wouldn't have to deal with variables such as traffic to catch your flight back home.

You will also be close to things like Greektown, the riverfront, Campus Martius, the Entertainment District, and a wide range of great restaurants to chose from. Hotel reservations in the city are not generally expensive with the exception of a few hotels.

Hotels in downtown

Staying in the downtown area is perfect since you will be close to many events, attractions, and restaurants. You can find many places within your budget or whatever you are looking for Find out more about hotels in downtown.

Detroit River 7Hotels near the river: Marriott Renaissance Center

Greektown Hotels: Atheneum Hotel - Greektown Casino

Other hotels in the downtown area: Book Cadillac Hotel - Hilton Garden Inn - Holiday Inn Express

Hotels near Metro Airport

Westin Hotel Metro Airport - Crowne Plaza - Baymont Inn Suites - The Courtyard - The Embassy Suites

Cheap Hotels in the city

Looking for cheap hotels in the city? Remember you get you what pay for. Click here to see my opinions on finding a cheap hotel room in Detroit.

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