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golfbagAhhh the fresh morning dew and the warm sunny days. You can smell that golf season is here. :) Finding Detroit golf courses is no problem at all. Despite having the golf season cut short by the winter months, Michigan is one of the premier golfing destinations in the nation. The Detroit area is no exception.

There are many golf courses for you to chose from. Of course I haven't played them all although one day I will (and I WILL ;) but there are many courses that range from beginner all the way to championship level.

I would say that all the courses are challenging and will challenge every area of your game. I love it when the spring comes because I know it's time to get back on the course and since golfing is a great way to relax (when you're playing well of course), I'm out on the course in the area often.

Depending on what level of experience you are, you might be better off spending your money at a course that fits your skills although playing a course that is above your level can only make your game better. golfballI've taken the liberty of rating the courses below from beginner, intermediate, to advanced just to give you a feel of what to expect if you plan on visiting one of or all of the courses. Five courses are within the main city while there are many more in the whole metro area.
Here is a list of the five courses in the city:

Palmer Park Golf Course

A great golf course which is pretty simple and straightforward. Don't underestimate it though. Level: Beginner

Rouge Park Golf Course

A course that will challenge your ball placement as well as your putting skills.

Level: Intermediate

Chandler Park Golf Course

A great course to test your accuracy and ball placement.

Level: Beginner

Rackham Golf Course

One of the more challenging courses in the city. Has some of the best greens in the city and is kept in great condition.

Level: Advanced

Rogell Golf Course

A VERY challenging course. The most notable feature of this course is the many hills and valleys which make blind shots to the green very common.

Level: Advanced

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