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Detroit festivals are a great thing to do and experience when you're in the city, especially in the summer. Find out about the many festivals in Hart Plaza and other areas of Detroit. Most of the festivals are during the summer months when it's warmer, but there are a few festivals during the winter as well. Detroit Festivals are awesome because there is always something that caters to everyone. For example, if you're a jazz festival, why not check out the world's largest free jazz concert during the month of August?

Detroit Festivals

The festivals takes over the downtown area with many free stages and famous jazz artists. Or why not go to Hart Plaza and check out one of the cultural festivals during the weekend? There is a festival during many weekends in the summer featuring cultures from all over the world

Some festivals in Detroit are free, but some require you to pay but it's not much. Most of the festivals do happen at Hart Plaza but recently with the addition of the Detroit River Walk, more festivals have been happening there as you can get a great view and breeze of the river. You also may find on occasion, festivals held at Chene Park Detroit.

Outside of the immediate downtown area, there are many art festivals which happen in the New Center and Cultural Districts. These are prime places to have festivals and I have a great time when I go to these. There are also many festivals happening outside the city such as the Arts, Beats, and Eats (now moving to Royal Oak).

The festvials n Detroit are a great way to experience the people and atmosphere of the city while at the same time enjoying great activities and interests that you like.

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During the summer, heading to a festival is one of the best ways to spend a hot summer day and see a part of the city. Be sure to check my Detroit Event Calendar for info on festivals happening in the city so you won't be in the dark about what's going on.

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