Here are some basic Detroit Facts

What do you know about the Motor City?

The Guardian BuildingFind out some fun basic Detroit facts. There are many cool things to learn about the city. Some of these may be things you already know, and some may be things you never knew or expected to know about the D. Here are some basic Detroit Facts:


Detroit can commonly and frequently known by the following names:
  • The Motor City
  • Motown
  • Check out Hitsville USA
  • Paris of the Midwest
  • The "D"
  • Hockeytown
  • Day-twah (the original french pronunciation of the city name)

Some basic facts you should know

  • It was founded in 1701 by the frenchman Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac
  • It is right across the river from Windsor, Ontario and the gateway of the Ambassador bridge to both sides is the busiest American/Canadian border crossing in the country
  • Population is about 850,000
  • The city has a total square area of 143 square miles
  • It is the only American city along the Canadian border in which you have to travel south in order to get to it.
  • The architecture is some of the best in the country (you will want to especially check out the Fox Theatre)
  • People who live here are called Detroiters
  • Temperature ranges from below zero in the winter, to upwards of 100 degrees in the summer
  • Faygo Pop, a staple company of the city, was founded in 1907

Introduction and more things about the city

A basic intro on the city and what to look forward to. Click here to find out more.

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History of Detroit, Michigan

Find out about the city's humble beginnings from the time it was founded, all the way into the auto industry days to where it is now.

Getting here

Learn the basics of how the city government works. Read more about the Detroit Government.

Getting here

Detroit is just as accessible as any other major American city. Find out the most reliable methods for you to get to the city. Click here to find out more about getting to the D.

Getting around the city

In order to see the many attractions and eat at some of the best restaurants, good transportation is a must. Find out which are the best method for getting around the city to see everything here.


The weather here can be crazy at times, but regardless of whether or not it's winter or summer, don't let the temps deter you from seeing all there is to see in the city. Click here to find out more about the weather.


Detroit has become a hotbed for films recently. Here are some films that were either filmed in or set in the city. Click here to find out more about Detroit Movies.

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