Finding the best Detroit Entertainment

There's plenty of entertainment in the D!

Finding the best in Detroit Entertainment. There are many options for entertainment in Detroit. Find out how you can have fun in the D.

Finding some entertainment for your Detroit Travel plans is definitely something you probably would like to do. You want to have some fun in Motown, and although your may be nice, you want to go out and find some entertainment to pass the time by.

The Fillmore Theatre Entertainment in DetroitThe Fillmore in Detroit

So what are the best venues for Detroit Entertainment? The theatre is always an option. If you like plays and performances, it is perfect. You have the Fox Theatre, Orchestra Hall, The Music Hall, and much more. Great performances come to venues all over the city. The only problem is, I know everyone doesn't like the theatre :). Comerica Park Tigers Game Entertainminet in Detroit

So what else is there to do? Going to a sporting event is always a great option. The great things about going to a baseball game or a hockey game is that you can find Detroit entertainment before and after the game to make a great day out of it. I love the downtown area because you can go to a game, then right afterwards head towards a nice restaurant to talk about the win (of course) or head to a comedy club or even head to a movie in the RenCen.

There are plenty of restaurants for you to wine and dine at. You can fine the restaurants for a casual occasion or the fine dining as well.

Downtown has many great food places that also have entertainment playing in the background. Harmonie Park is becoming a very popular hotspot for music and food. You will also want to check out Greektown. There are many restaurants and entertainment places in Greektown such as Astoria Pastry Shop and more.

Of course you have the casinos. You may want to try your hand at blackjack or the slots but be careful not to lose all your spending money for the trip!! The new MGM Grand is a resort in itself with clubs, spas, and music performances. Another staple of Detroit entertainment is the many festivals that are held during the summer. There is almost always a festival going on every weekend. My personal favorites are the International Jazz Festival, The African World Festival, and the Techno Festival...not to mention the Freedom Festival with the Detroit Fireworks. If you are into art, you have the Detroit Institute of Arts to check out. It is one of the more well known art collections in the nation and they have just come off a great renovation. I'm into art and if you are too, you will be pleased by the art collection they have. The Museum of Contemporary Art is also another art hot spot for the more modern feel of art which I like as well. The Techno Festival Entertainment in Detroit

If you are into music, you can probably find performers at the Fox Theatre and the Fisher Theatre. Also many festivals throughout the summer are catered to specific music genres. The bottom line is that Metro Detroit entertainment can vary from week to week. You will also find favorite spots that you can go to time after time. Things such as the festivals, the Auto Show, and the Winterblast only come around once a year which is a shame if you're not in town for those, but they are a blast to go to if you are. Did I mention that Canada is right across the water? So here is a list of all the entertainment options at your whim: There are also places to go like the Detroit Opera House, Chene Park, and the Detroit Music Hall to go to as well.

So please don't miss out on all the Detroit Entertainment. There is so much that the city has to offer and I want you to experience all the great and little things that make Detroit what it is just like I have over the years.

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