Detroit Day Trips give you even more things to do

Besides places to go and places to see in the immediate Detroit area, there are many Detroit Day Trips which you can take as well to other places around the Detroit area.

These trips are to fun places which can be taken for a whole day or most of the day and do not require long travel from the Detroit Metro Area. I find these places to be just as fun and interesting as Detroit with great food, entertainment and cultural life. It's just another perk of living or visiting the Detroit area. Here is a list below of some great Detroit day trips you can take when you visit.


This is one of the most obvious trips to take when you visit Detroit. It's so cool to have another country right across the Detroit River with easy access. Windsor is one of the more well known entertainment and club spots in Ontario, Canada. Caesars' Windsor is the top attractions there along with many restaurants in the city as well. There are two ways to get to Windsor and that is by the Detroit Windsor Tunnel, which can be accesses near the Renaissance Center and the Ambassador Bridge which is further down the river. Make sure you at least have your birth certificate and I.D. at the least, but a passport would be even better to lessen the hassle when crossing across the international border. Melanie over at Excellent Vacation Ideas has a great writeup of the casinos and the city of Windsor so check it out :)


Hamtrmack is another great place to go in the city. And when I mean in the city, I mean in the city. It's unique in that it is a city with boundaries, but it is a city within a city being completely surrounded by the city of Detroit. Hamtramck is most known for its Polish food and Polish community and culture. There is also a great deal of shopping you can do with a lot of mom and pop shops. Take a walk down the downtown area and browse through the shops and restaurants. Click here for my Hamtramck, Michigan page.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is no less than a 40 minute drive from the city. It is a college town, with the University of Michigan being located there. It's a fun place for young people to go especially during the school year. There are lots of restaurants and shops in the downtown area and if you come on Saturdays during college football season, you can find plenty of activities going on. To get here, just take a straight shot on I-94 West.


Frakenmuth is most well known for its many outlet stores and shops. You really can spend a whole day out here shopping (yes even for the guys), and you can find some great deals on just about anything.

Great Lakes Crossing

Birch Run Outlet Mall

Birch Run is a popular day trip destination with many outlet shops. Check out Birch Run Outlet Mall Return from Detroit Day Trips to Things to do in Detroit

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