There are three Detroit Casinos for you to choose from

Finding Detroit casinos is no problem. Find the best hotel casinos in the city such as Motor City Casino, MGM Grand, and Greektown Casino. There are also many bus trips to the casinos in the city.

Second, if you just want to have some fun gambling, or if casinos are your thing, there are three located right in the downtown area all of which have their own uniqueness and style that makes one stand out from the others.

Depending on your budget and the experience you're looking for, you will really need to do your research such as what other attractions are around (because you can't spend your whole vacation in the casino), and what amenities they offer. So for your convenience, I have in depth descriptions about the casino resorts in the city below.

All of them are in pretty close proximity to each other but each location is strikingly different from the other.

MGM Casino Detroit

This is the first of the three casinos to have their new hotel and convention center complex completed. It just opened in late October and has gotten nothing but rave reviews, especially about the new 15 story, 400 room hotel. The rooms are high tech and feature great amenities. Of course it is very expensive to stay in the hotel. Rooms start at around $300 a night and go up from there. But if you want to check out the gaming floor, you can still do that. The gaming area is much larger than the previous location. Restaurants are also a staple of the new facility. Wolfgang Puck has incorporated his own restaurant into the casino as well as other top names. Click here for more info on the MGM Grand.

Greektown Casino

As its name implies, Greektown Casino is located right in the heart of the Greektown district. Out of all the Detroit casinos, this one is the closest to the downtown area. Click here for more info on Greektown Casino.

Motor City Casino

Motor City Casino has expanded their facility and now has a 400 room hotel to add to their new expanded gaming area. The rooms here are slightly cheaper than MGM Grand, but still up there in the price range. Click here for more info on Motor City Casino.

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