Detroit Airport Car Rentals

Tips on finding the best cheap and discount car rentals near Detroit Metro Airport. Reservations for luxury rentals available as well.

So why find a Detroit car rental? Well Detroit has a lot to offer and you can't get to all the museums, Restaurants, and other attractions just by walking or taking public transportation. It is also less of a hassle to know that you can go anywhere at anytime while you're in town.
Car rental keys The perfect thing to do of course is to get a car rental. Car rentals are available all around the city but since more than likely you will be flying into town, you will find many options for a car rental right at the airport.

"**NOTE. Public transportation is not for the faint of heart so this is all the more reason to get a car rental.**"

Of course what good is getting a car rental (and one that fits into your budget) in Detroit when you don't know where you're going? Make sure to also get a map. You will want to know the major highways and main streets of the city to get you around quicker. I haven't tried a lot of car rentals in the city just for the simple fact that I live there and I do not have a very old car which breaks down a lot.

The major rental car companies are located at the airport and around the city.

Car rental companies such as Alamo, Budget, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, you know, the big boys as I would call them. If you're in town for a short stay and you know you really won't have time to go anywhere but a few places close to where you are, renting a car may not be for you. A service such as this, may be more of help to you when coming from the airport or otherwise.

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