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Detroit biking can be a great way to see many areas of the city. In the past it wasn't as easy to bike around some of the nicer areas in the city like the River Walk, or the downtown area. But now, many of these areas have become more accesible to the public, and many people have taken this opportunity to take their bikes out and ride around the city. There are even groups around the city that have regular biking tours.

First, the River Walk is a great place to go biking. You can bike for at least 3 miles before having to turn around and do the stretch all over again, and nothing beats riding along the river with an awesome view of the Detroit River, Belle Isle, and the Windsor skyline over in Canada. This is one of my favorite activities to do on a warm day.

Don't have a bike? No problem. The Wheelhouse located in the Rivard Plaza portion of the River Walk offers bike rentals for very good prices. The rates depend on how long you want to ride. They even offer bike tours during the week around the city throughout the summer. Going on these tours can be a great way to meet some people as well. Next, you have the Dequindre Cut. It was recently opened and it's a bike/walking trail that currently runs through a portion of the city. When all of it is completed, it will connect to the Riverfront and Eastern Market. This is a great place to bike as well and you can see many people riding their bikes here.

You don't have to limit your biking to these areas however. You should ride around the downtown area and head to places like Campus Martius and Greektown. Have fun biking around the D!

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