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The best Detroit attractions. Museums, Sporting events, and other attractions in Detroit. Find the best Detroit tourist attractions in the metro area. When people think of Detroit attractions, and finding things to do in the area, the first thing that comes to mind is something having to do with the automobile industry.

Even though that is true, and even though you will DEFINITELY find many places featuring the history of the auto industry, there is so much more than just "cars" when it comes to finding the best tourist attractions. You would be surprised as to how many places there are and how much there is to explore and find in city that has NOTHING to do with cars. Not only do you have great malls around the area like the Birch Run Outlet Mall, but you have things such as the Belle Isle Conservatory, Eastern Market and the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. Some of the more underrated attractions in the city include Pewabic Pottery and the Arab National Museum in Dearborn. With the Detroit River close by, the new Riverwalk is a great attraction in you must go to. You can walk down the three mile stretch with your sweetie, bike, rollerblade, or just sit down and chill out while enjoying the view. Trying to name all the Detroit attractions would take forever. There is just so much to see and explore. Oh yeah do restaurants count as attractions? I love food and Detroit has every place imaginable you can think of to get your fill of food including some good Greek, Italian, and even French restaurants.

Detroit Attractions Before you head out to your various destinations in the city make sure:
  • You have a map handy
  • You have a list of things you want to go see and do for that day
  • Don't always stick to the list!! While coming from one place, you may discover something that wasn't on your list. Go ahead and check it out especially if it's right there
  • Know how you're going to get around. A Detroit Taxi service could be useful

Having a with many places marked will help you get to them quicker and give you more time to see most of them.

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Many people do not know about the many museums in the area as well as outside the city. Going to these places will allow you to discover and experience the many cultures that are present in the city.

You could literally take a whole day or even more going to all of them. Click here for more on Detroit museums.

detroit institute of arts

Downtown Attractions

Downtown Detroit is the heart of it all and there are plenty of tourist attractions in the area. This is where much of the revitalization of Detroit has started and the entertainment really starts in downtown.

It's only going to get better so why not come through? There is plenty to see in the downtown Detroit area.

I love going downtown and seeing the great architecture as well.Click here for more on Downtown Detroit.

Architecture in Detroit

Learn about some of Detroit's amazing architecture. Detroit has a large collection of early 20th buildings that are

still standing. Seeing the Architecture would be a real treat on your visit to the city.

All other Detroit attractions that don't fit above :)


There are some great Detroit Suburbs which have a lot of attractions for you to check out. Find out about the Detroit Suburbs

There are many other attractions which don't fit in the categories above. Check them out below:

Historic Fort Wayne

Historic Fort Wayne is a great place to check out for you and your family. They offer many special events throughout the year and my personal favorites are the Civil War Renactments. Find out more about Historic Fort Wayne.

The Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo has been a longtime favorite of many in the area and across the state. I loved going there as a kid on field trips, and I still enjoy taking at least one trip a year there to see the animals. Read more about the The Detroit Zoo.

The Ambassodor Bridge

To get good views of this bridge, you may want to head to Windsor and visit their River Walk. You can get some great pics of the bridge. Learn more about the Ambassador Bridge.

Wayne State University Campus

Checking out Wayne State's campus is also a fun thing to do. It's located in the Midtown District with most of the museums. There's a nice young and active vibe going on around the area with many cafes and new restaurants. You'll find many cultural events to do here. Read more about Wayne State University.

Faygo Pop

Not really an attraction, but Faygo is a staple company of Detroit, and personally it's my favorite pop to drink (yes POP...I'm from the Midwest!!). Find out how many flavors you can find with Faygo Pop.

Pewabie Pottery

Pewabic Pottery is another historic place in the city that has left its mark all around town. It's famous tile is used in many buildings across the city, and they have many tours for you to join. Check out more about Pewabic Pottery.


Mexicantown is a popular place for people in the city to find some authentic Mexican food. There are many restaurants and shops for you to check out so don't miss out on visiting. Find out all about Mexicantown

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