Detroit Airport Car Rentals

So what's the deal on finding a Detroit airport car rental? You've arrived, claimed your baggage, now what? How are you going to get around? detroit riverwalk pictureA car rental is the perfect option. I would always recommend that you reserve your car rental before you arrive just to make things easier on yourself. You want to be prepared for things like late flights or lost luggage.

These things do and can happen. Why tack on trying to find a car rental at the same time you might be dealing with other issues?

As I've stated before, the Detroit area is a big area to explore and even if you stay confined to one section of the city, it would still help you out a bunch just to get a car rental in Detroit. Once your flight has arrived and you've gotten your luggage, you find find stations to rent your car right at the luggage claim area. It's very convenient just like most major airports.

Once you've gotten your rental reservation taken care of, just hop on a shuttle which has the name and logo of the company you made you car rental for, and they will take you straight to their offices so you can get everything straightened out (payment, length of rental, etc.) Payments are dependent upon which company you chose of course so do your research on companies such as Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, etc.

Of course after your trip is over, just bring your Detroit car rental back to the same place you rented it from and you're off to catch your flight back home. If you need information on parking at Detroit Metro airport, go to my airport parking in Detroit page.

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