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Channel 4 News Detroit Michigan is the local NBC affiliate. Find out more about News 4 in Detroit.

Channel 4 News Detroit
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Channel 4 in Detroit Michigan is the second out of the local news stations. Many people know them for their clever "Click on Detroit" moniker that they go by as well.

I also like to get my local Detroit news and weather on occasion from here as well. They offer top notch reporting and really give you the details on what's going on in the city.

You will also find that Channel 4 also covers most of the special events in the city such as the Marshall Field's Fireworks and America's Thanksgiving Parade. Usually I never feel like going to the Thanksgiving Parade because of the cold, but one of my favorite childhood memories (and still something I do to this day) was waking up on Thanksgiving Day, and watching the parade on Channel 4. Then afterwards, I'd be turning on the Lions game right before the big meal. Ahhh memories :) They also cover sports pretty well. When the Red Wings win Stanley Cups, there is always good coverage of the parade (Also check out Hockeytown Cafe)

Morning Newscasts

The morning newscast start at 6 in the morning and go until 7:30, then after a half an hour break, it resumes and goes for another hour at 8 AM. I personally love their sunshine awards where people from the area get to send pictures of their loved ones who have a birthday or anniversary, and hope they get featured on the newscast in the morning.

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Noon Newscasts

The midday newscast is just like the other stations which gives you a look at the midday's headlines. This can be a conveninent time for many people whether they are taking a lunch break or have a day off. I enjoy tuning in from time to time when I have a rare day off at home.

Evening Newscasts

The evening newscasts start at 5, and go until 7 with two hour long segments. You can pretty much get caught up on everything going on in the area, what happened while you were at work, etc, along with the Detroit weather.

Night Newscasts

If you still haven't gotten caught up on the day's news, theres always the night broadcast at 11 PM and runs for a half hour. This is a great time to catch up on all the day's news including weather and sports. Lately I don't watch the news often, but I like to check in on the nightcast if I decide to.

News Anchors/Newscasters

Som of my favorite news anchors are on Channel 4 News Detroit. Carmen Harlan has been with the station for years and is a favorite among many Detroiters. I'll never forget her rant on Kwame Kilpatrick! My other favorite anchor would have to be weatherman Chuck Gaidica. I've been following his weather reports since I was little and I still tune in when severe weather or those annual snowstorms are on the way. There are a host of other news anchors at WDIV, and all have their unique charm that they bring to the newscast.

News Online

If you can't catch the news on the television, try going online. You can find videos of some of the news broadcasts if you missed them. You can also browse other news stories and find more info on stories you've already heard. In some ways it's better than tv because you can read and watch at your own leisure. Click here to visit their website If you have a story to share with Channel 4 News Detroit, go to their website above, or call them directly. For phone numbers, look below:

WDIV Newsroom Phone Number: 313-222-0500
Investigative Phone Numbers: 313-223-CALL-4

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