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All about channel 2 news Detroit. This station is the Fox 2 News affiliate in Detroit and is often called Fox 2 for short. Channel 2 News Detroit or also known as Fox 2 here in the area is one station where you can get all your local news, Detroit Weather, info on festivals, and even the latest on the sports teams in the area. If you're staying in a hotel, all channel news stations are different so just check the local guide slip that they give you to find Fox 2. There is a good chance however that it will be either channel 2 or channel 12 (ending in twos of course ;)

I think Fox 2 News would have to be my favorite station out of all the three because of the great reporting (not that the others don't have great reporting) and just the overall professionalism that the news anchors and reporters bring to the table.

Morning Newscasts

Their morning newscast is one of the best and I remember many days before heading to school tuning in to them to get he weather (I've always loved the weather anyways) as well as fun things like the cooking segments and movie segments.

Like other stations, their morning newscast starts at 5 AM and runs until 9 AM which makes it the longest running mornings newscast in the Detroit area. So more than likely if you're an early bird, you can catch up on all the news you need to whether you're up at 5 or 7 in the morning because they usually do repeat stories every hour. As I said above, you can also get your weather for the day as well as reports on traffic (important if you're headed on the highway) and these reports are done on the "2s" every hours (i.e 5:02, 5:12, 5:22, 5:32, etc.) so if you miss the first report, you can always catch it 6 times within the hour.

The next newscast they have is the 11 AM which is earlier than the other stations which do a noon broadcast. It lasts an hour and is basically a recap of all the news and weather in the morning just in a shorter time frame.

Evening Newscasts

After this newscast is the 5 and 6 PM newscast which basically is great for people just getting off work just like the majority of the news stations in the Detroit area as well as the nation and then of course you have the late night broadcast at 11 PM which is always convenient to catch up on the absolute latest latest news :)

So as you can see you will always more than likely have a convenient time for catching the local news on Channel 2 news Detroit.

Night Newscasts

As you may or may not know, Fox 2 is only one of three newstations in the area. However, Fox is the only station that does a 10pm newscast. This is convenient for many reasons.

You can go to bed earlier (especially if you have to get up for work the next morning), and it's just nice to be able to get caught up on the day's news before the other newscasts at 11. I would say this is the biggest advantage Fox 2 has over the other stations. The newscast is also 1 hour long instead of a half hour.

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The newscasters/anchors/reporters at Channel 2 News Detroit bring their own charm to the televsion and diversity is definitely present. I like the morning newscasters as that newscast gives a more relaxed feel to it, but you can find enjoymeny out of the other newscasters as well.


Like other news channels, you will find that Fox 2 has a website where you can keep up with the latest news headlines during the day. Whether it's sports, weather, or just the local news, you can find it online if you missed the daily newscasts. Check out their website for more info.

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