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The Atheneum Hotel Detroit is a great place to stay in Greektown

The Atheneum Hotel.All about the Atheneum Hotel Detroit. One of the best hotels to stay at in the Greektown district of downtown Detroit. Like many of the other hotels that I have listed on this site, the Atheneum is located close to a majority of the attractions and things to do in the city. The Atheneum is located right in the heart of Greektown so all of the restaurants in Greektown will be no more than a five minute walk from the hotel. Greektown has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Also the Atrium Cafe is right inside (beside a 114 ft indoor waterfall).

However I do recommend that you try Fishbone's at least once which is attached right to the hotel. Fishbone's offers some great seafood and even sushi. It's one of the most popular restaurants in town.

Everything that goes on downtown such as events or festivals are pretty close to the hotel. If you are coming during the summertime, you will be within walking distance of festivals like the downtown Hoedown or the African World Festival. Also you can't miss the summer fireworks display in June. The People Mover is also pretty close so events like the Auto Show are within a reasonable distance as well. Also if you are into the nightlife, you will be close to everything as well. Take note that Greektown Casino is also close by the the hotel. Many people like to head to the casino nowadays and you won't be too far from that.

The rooms at the Atheneum hotel are very spacious and when you check in, there is valet to help you with your car if you chose to do so. One staple of the hotel you will notice right away is the Greek and Hellenistic theme of the inside of the Atheneum hence the name. It is one of the higher priced hotels but it is well worth it.

Prices start at around $219 a night and you can get some very good rooms here For more detailed info on reservations and pricing changes check out the website here.

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