Architecture In Detroit has a uniqueness of its own

Architecture in Detroit Penobscot BuildingThere is so much great architecture in Detroit. You can learn so much about the architectural gems in Detroit. It is something you must know about when visiting the city. I think that Detroit architecture is one of the most underrated attractions about the city. The downtown Detroit area and many parts of the city have a nice mix of old and new which is great.

The downtown Detroit area and other surrounding areas have some of the best depression era skyscrapers in the world. It's one of the few major cities where most of its major skyscrapers from the early 20th century are still preserved. Many of them are still in use today and with the rebounding of the city, many are being restored to their former glory which is great because we can see them in Detroit's skyline for many years to come.

The architecture in the area actually prompted me to want to become an architect until I got into college and spent my whole freshman year in the architecture building designing things I could care less about :). This didn't stop my appreciation for Detroit architecture and just architecture in general. I'm still very fond of many of the great Detroit architecture landmarks such as the Guardian Building, the Penobscot Building, and the Fisher Building. Even today, I still just drive around appreciating the attention to detail that was so prominent back then.

Many people do not know about the many architecture gems in the city, but that's what I'm here for :). I want you to see some of the beautiful buildings in the city that put an identity on the architecture in Detroit back in the 20s and 30s. And part of me....well a lot of me...wants to see Detroit come back with great architecture in this new millennium just like back then. Detroit Guardian BuildingSo where do you find the best architecture in Detroit?

Well most of them can be found downtown, but quite a few can be found just outside of that area. When you're coming into the downtown area, you can't miss many of the architectural icons that have been part of the skyline for many years. Here are some of the most notable architectural buildings and places in Detroit:

The Guardian Building

The Guardian Building is one building that you cannot skip on visiting when you are looking at the architecture in downtown. It's one of the prominent skyscrapers in the city's skyline and my favorite. Click here to read more about the Guardian Building.

The Penobscot Building

The Penobscot Building is another notable architectural buildings in the city skyline. Many who don't know the name of it see it everyday and call it "that building with the big red ball on top". Click here to read more about the Penobscot Building.

The Fisher Building/Theatre

One of my favorites. Located in the New Center area which is located away from downtown but not very far. Click here to read more about the Fisher Building.

The Book Cadillac Hotel

It was once the most popular hotel in the city and even the country back in the 20s and 30s. After years of neglect, this beauty is finally being restored to its original state. Click here to read more about the Book Cadillac Hotel. **NOW OPEN**

The Fox Theatre

The popular theatre destination in the city, and a great piece of architecture as well. Click here to read more about the Fox Theatre.

The Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library is not only a good place to find many books and videos, but walking to the building and seeing the architectural detail is astounding. The marble on this building is great. Click here for more about the Detroit Public Library.

The Detroit Institute of Arts

After being renovated, the building is as beautiful as ever. A very popular destination for people to go to in the city. Click here to read more about the Detroit Institute of Arts.

You can find much of the city's great architecture in the downtown area. Read more about downtown Detroit architecture.

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