The Ambassador Bridge - The main connection between Canada and Detroit

The Ambassador BridgeEverything you need to know about the busiest border crossing in the states including toll info, latest news, and history. It can be seen from such places as Belle Isle, and other Detroit Attractions. You will often see the Ambassador pictured in many skyline and other beautiful shots of the city and you can see it from many places long the river and on the western edges of Belle Isle.

It really does make for a perfect site. Getting to the Ambassador can be trouble at times since this border crossing is the busiest out of all the crossings between the two countries. Sometimes you will find that there will be a lot of truck traffic going to the Canadian side. Also the fact that security has been beefed up also slows down the process as well.

The good news is that they are currently reworking this whole area to ease the congestion and make it easier for people to cross the Ambassador Bridge. Although the construction that is going on right now is not making it any easier, this will take a lot of the truck traffic off surface streets allowing regular travelers to get on the bridge more easily.

The Ambassador has been kept in great condition and crossing it truly is fun. It's pretty high up in the air, but you can't beat the view of the river and the skyline of Detroit. If you are taking the bridge into Canada or the tunnel, make sure you have these important things:

  • - A birth certificate and/orpassport, or enhanced Michigan driver's license
  • - I.D.
  • - 4.00 US for toll OR 4.75 CAN for toll

During the time when they were phasing in the new security stances, I made the mistake of forgetting my birth certificate coming back from Canada and had to deal with some major issues with security.

For some reason I was able to get into Canada without one, but I almost couldn't get back in, even with an I.D. That's why I say just make sure you have the things above, and you will be fine and you'll be able to enjoy Canada for a day :)


Mexicantown is also not too far away so check out the

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