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Have you ever wanted to start your own online business? Or build your own website? Are you interested in a business model that is not get rich quick, but shows you the steps and give you all the tools you need to create that thriving website or business? Let me share my story with you. dominicFor starters, hi there! My name is Dominic and I have lived in Detroit all my life. I have always loved the city and the things to do in the city.

I guess I could thank my mom when I was little for not just taking me to the movies, toy stores, and other "normal" things that kids do, but also taking me to places such as the Fox Theatre, downtown Detroit, and Belle Isle. While going to downtown Detroit often is where my love for the city's architecture came from. So fast forward to my years in college. I soon realized after being in college for three years that I did not want to work a nine to five all my life (which is what college seems to teach you). It came to my mind, why not have your money work for you even while you're not working? Wouldn't that be smarter?

So my entrepreneurial instinct kicked in and I began looking for businesses to start. I'm sure many of you have gone through MLM programs. I went through a couple of these, and they just weren't working like they said it would. I looked up things online and came across blogging and affiliate marketing through websites. This was the first crucial step I needed to take. I started reading and learning information on using websites and/or blogs to make money as a business. I thought to myself, how can you do that? That seems lazy and pretty much unattainable.

But as I read and learned more, I found out that it is not lazy. The people who have succeeded worked hard to get where they're at. After those years of hard work, they were now reaping the benefits of their labor through residual income (i.e. the money that works for you even after you've made the initial sale or works for you when you're not working).

So now I was off and ready to start. I proceeded to start my own website for a cheap hosting fee. I was well on my way. As you read above, I love Detroit architecture, so I created a website about that. I built about ten pages added some pictures and waited....and waited...and waited..but nobody was coming to my site!!

I couldn't figure it out. I had a great looking site with great info but nobody was clicking in. I started looking for more information that could help me in my troubles and that's when I came across SiteBuildIt!! I read the case studies I also read the Tao of SBI and found out why CTPM (Content > Traffic > Presell > Monetize) was the way to go and not the other way around.

I analyzed everything and decided I would give SBI a try. After breezing through the SBI ActionGuide and setting my site up in less than three days, my site once again "failed" so to speak. I was getting no traffic again and I was upset and disappointed. I wanted my money back and I got it back.(Don't worry, this all makes sense in a minute)

After that, I looked up more get rich schemes, each time being tricked into buying a program that said you would make money by using this "amazing" system that some person had. I'm sure many of you have seen them.

John Doe has a great system that will show you how to make a lot of money like he does with as little effort tas possible. He even has great testimonials of people who are doing the same thing. The truth is, he makes more money off people buying his "guide to his system" than actually using the system. His money making system is selling his fake system. So it's coming on my senior year of school and I somehow found SBI again. I realized that when I bought SBI the first time, I was in my get rich quick mode. SBI is not that. It is a business which you must work at to be successful just like anything in life. The only thing is, the results of people using SBI speak for themselves. So I bought SBI again, and you have the site you see here today which is well on its way to a high search engine ranking.

The great thing about SiteBuildIt! is that it gives you all the tools you need to create a website that works. A website that focuses on building great targeted content which is what the search engines want. Once you have the great content on your site, then the search engines deliver targeted visitors to your site (which is more than likely how you got here ;) I am having a great time building a website that helps people know all the great things about Detroit, while also building a business in the process. Just look at some of the testimonials from successful SBIers:

    "Tamar and I did lots and lots of research on kid birthday parties and started experimenting with our ideas on kids and during parties whenever the opportunity arose. We wrote up lots of content for the site and I was in charge of strategy and building the site from a technical aspect (although, with Site Build It!, you really don't need any technical knowledge because you can build a site through simple building blocks and monitor every aspect of traffic through a consolidated control center.). In no time, both of us became kid birthday junkies."
    ~ Elad Shippony

    "When you first start, you think... "Ok, maybe I will make some extra money". I never really thought that SBI! would help me "Live my life like I mean to live it"."
    ~ Luisa Cupeles

    "I exercised due caution and did some more research first. I asked a few people, I dug around on the internet, and no matter where I looked, I didn't hear a bad word. Everybody said the same thing, "If you build your site with SBI, you will definitely get traffic."
    ~ B. Bradtke

When I bought SBI for the second time, I really was focused instead of the first time when I was just expecting to throw a website up and expect traffic to come running to my site. The truth of the matter is that building a website that is successful i work.

You can't just build a site and expect people to come. SBI has all the tools you need to do that. The Brainstormer tool alone is worth the $299 a year that it costs per year. You can find literally hundreds of keywords for your site. You get supply and demand numbers along with profitability figures for that particular word.

The block by block builder is simple and you don't even have to know html to build your site. The Action Guide is almost like having a teacher right there with you leading you along the way. If you follow the Action Guide, you can't go wrong. See for yourself in the video below and in the case studies section. If you have any questions you can always contact me as well. You could be on your way to building a high traffic website like the rest of us :)

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